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RTR-500 Mobile Data Logging System

RTR-500 Mobile Data Logging System

The RTR-500 series of loggers and collectors is truly a one of a kind system. These devices allow you to manage temperature and humidity data from places you never thought possible. With the GSM base unitís ability to send data over the GSM cell network, you can now track the real-time conditions and GPS location of your products while in transit. This system will send alerts when temperatures go outside of the preset limits, so there is no more waiting for a load to arrive before you know there was a problem. This functionally has the potential to save thousands of dollars in damaged product and missed delivery times.

All measuring and recording is taken care of by the remote loggers, while the data and warnings can be easily collected via wireless communication and sent to you from one of the base units.

  • Allows Real-Time monitoring of goods during transport through the GSM cellular network
  • Attaches location information with the GPS function
  • Send real-time warnings via e-mail and SMS (text message)
  • Periodically sends current readings and/or recorded data via e-mail and FTP
  • Local wireless communication range of up to 500 ft (expandable with one or more repeaters)
  • High speed wireless connection for quick downloads
  • Software and web-based data storage are included free of charge
  • Designed to work even in harsh conditions
  • Exceptional battery life of up to one year
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Remote Unit Models:

  • RTR-501: Temperature Logger
  • RTR-502: Temperature Logger with External Sensor
  • RTR-503: Temperature & Humidity Logger

Base Station Models:

  • RTR-500GSM Mobile Collector: Built-in GSM cellular network capability is perfect for use in remote areas where a LAN is not available
  • RTR-500W Network Data Collector: Designed for use with a LAN and works well in areas where no PC is available
  • RTR-500 Data Collector: Utilizes a high speed USB connection for onsite access to a local computer
  • RTR-500DC Data Collector: Handheld collector designed for portability